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P.L. June

June is a Phinn X Martha pup.  Here she is working at eight months of age.  She belongs to Staci O'Connell.

     We have had Border Collies in the past and they wore me out.  They were so intense and a bit high-strung.  I don’t like having to work so hard to keep a handle on my dog.  I had decided this was just something I would have to deal with if I wanted to have a good working Border Collie; I was wrong.

I got a BC pup from Anita the summer of 2011.  This pup has completely changed my mind about the breed.  I was beginning to think that the only way to have a nice, calm Border Collie was to cross them and dilute the “intensity.”  My Pratt dog is all Border Collie but is just as calm and easy going as she can be.

I can’t believe the natural ability of this pup (I guess she is an adult now.)  She is so easy to handle and so very willing to please.  Even though she just turned one it is easy to see what a great stock dog she can be.  She is all business when she enters the arena or work field but accepts corrections and direction without hesitation.  She is full of confidence, has a wonderful feel for the stock, and has a great presence when she works.  The stock respect her but she doesn’t have to bite or exert extra effort to get that respect; it is all natural.

When we moved to Idaho I had heard of Anita Pratt’s Border Collies.  I knew Anita had a good breeding program but I had no idea just how good her dogs were until I started going to watch the big trials.  My first clue was when I went to the Meeker Classic in 2010.  Many of the dogs that competed at that trial were related to Anita’s dogs.  Then I went to the 2011 National Sheepdog Trials in Carbondale, Colorado; I was convinced.  Many of those dogs at the nationals, including the top qualifiers, were related to Anita’s dogs.

With the experience I now have owning one of her dogs, and knowing the quality Anita accomplishes with her breeding program, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Border Collie from Anita Pratt.  Staci O'Connell

P.L. Riley

This is P.L. Riley.  He is a Phinn X Martha pup.  He is eight months of age working at our fall Pat Shannahan clinic. He belongs to Debi Empey.    He and P.L. June are litter mates.

P.L. Clyde

This P.L. Clyde.  Here he is helping move cattle for the spring cattle drive.  He belongs to our granddaughter. He is Chance X Zoe. ( A line that goes back to some of Penny's linage.)


“Bristol, the Tee Fetching Dog."  Bristol fetches the football tee for Idaho State University football games.  He is  a Ben X Nessa.  His owners are Brent and Smitty Faure from Pocatello, Idaho.