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Pratt Livestock Company   Border Collies

We are located in the sand hills of southeastern Idaho.  The original ranch was homesteaded by ancestors in 1904 and began as a sheep ranch.  It was converted to cattle by the next generation and has been operated as such since then.  We run a herd of commercial beef cows and a small herd of Longhorns. Because of the stock and trailing fifty miles to and from our summer range we began using border collies some 40 years ago.  We began breeding working dogs some years after that.  We have worked hard to produce good, brave, useful dogs and have some litters to sell occasionally.  Our dogs must have the ability to herd large groups of cattle.  They must also have correct conformation and the stamina to work long days.  We like them to have bite if needed but first and foremost they must have a good work ethic.  We concentrate on lines that are strong workers, good travelers and that have loyalty to their person.  We like dogs who are fair with the livestock because we use low stress handling with our cattle and we don't need the dogs to put undue stress on them.”    A. Pratt

Contact Us:  prattlsco@ida.net